Renting a Heater for Your Outdoor Party

Posted on: 30 March 2022

When you plan an outdoor party, you need to consider the temperature. If it's during a cold time of year, you can get an outside heater rental to make sure your guests will be warm and comfortable. You will just need to figure out the best one for your particular setup and how many you will need. 

If your guests are even slightly cold, it can ruin the entire experience—especially if there's no option to go inside and warm up. Most likely, people won't stay for the whole event duration. If you want people to be happy, you need to be able to control the temperature of the party location. 

When you decide to rent an outdoor heater, you will need to figure out which one will make the most sense for your party. Will there be electricity available? Is the party taking place in a tent?

Party Tent Heater

You need to rent a specific type of heater for a tent. Only some heaters are safe to use in that setting. You need to protect your guests from carbon monoxide poisoning and ensure the heater won't damage the tent. 

You will need access to electricity if you plan to use an electric heater. Also, you will need to keep a propane-powered heater outside of the tent and use tubes to feed the warm air inside. Make sure to have a carbon monoxide detector on hand to be extra cautious. 

Standalone Patio Heater

Standalone patio heaters are great because you can put them almost anywhere. You can quickly move them too if guests in a particular area start to get cold. Propane-powered standalone heaters work best since they don't need to be close to an outlet, but electric patio heaters are fine if access to electricity isn't an issue. 

Mounted Patio Heater

You can mount some patio heaters to a wall or ceiling. It's an excellent option if your outdoor party takes place somewhere with a covered space or if there's a wall near where people will gather. You won't have to worry about it getting knocked over, and the wall or ceiling will help keep the wind from blowing the warm air away from guests.  


Consider renting a firepit heater if you want to heat your outdoor space while creating a great vibe for your party. They usually run on gas, propane, or ethanol. They're a good choice for heating an outdoor space because they encourage people to gather and interact.