Unique Table Shapes That Can Augment Your Event

Posted on: 26 March 2021

When you're looking at different tables that you'll rent for an upcoming event, there's a good chance that you'll want tables that are square, rectangular, or circular. These three shapes are exceedingly common and can work well in a number of different applications. For example, you might favor circular tables for a sit-down meal, and rectangular tables to hold the food for a buffet-style get-together. Even if you plan to rent tables that have conventional shapes, it can be fun to find what other shapes might be useful for your event. Many table rental services offer several other options, including the following.


Triangular tables are often available for rent in different sizes. There are several different ways that you can use tables of this shape, but one good option is in the corners of the room. Round tables aren't ideal in this application because they leave a gap between the edge of the table and the wall, while a square table can stick out more than you'd like. A triangular table can fit snugly into the corner and won't have a corner sticking out that someone might inadvertently bump into. You can use a triangular table in the corner of a room for all sorts of applications, including placing nametags that people pick up upon entering.


Another unique option to consider is a serpentine table, which you'll find in different lengths at many table rental services. This is a table that is curved. In a sense, it looks slightly like a rectangular table that is curved instead of straight. In addition to being visually different, this type of table works well in many scenarios. For example, you might rent a number of these tables and place them together to form a large circle. In this layout, someone can stand in the middle, which can be ideal for small group sessions during meetings.


While you probably won't want to rent one or more heart-shaped tables for every type of event that you might be planning, this is a unique shape that can certainly work well for some gatherings. If you're organizing a Valentine's Day party for couples, for example, small heart-shaped tables can be a fun and romantic option for accommodating each couple at mealtime. Heart-shaped tables can also work well for weddings, anniversary parties, and other similar events.

Learn more about these shapes and other options by contacting a table rental service.