Host An 'Under The Stars' Party

Posted on: 20 January 2020

Glowing lights, a bevy of star-shaped decorations, and food and beverages that have a stellar appearance can make your "Under the Stars" party theme a hit. If you are going to use a rental tent for the main area where your guests will congregate, get creative with your doorway and pole decorations and cover each table with a setting that is symbolic of the event.

Allure and Mystique

There is something quite alluring and magical about stargazing. People are intrigued by things that they cannot physically touch and the darkness of the sky contrasted with the bright lights of countless stars can be quite mesmerizing. An "Under the Stars" party can be used as a birthday, anniversary, or wedding reception theme and will aid with adding some enchantment to a gathering that is going to be held when it is dark outside.

Rent a dark-colored tent and seek a model that contains a clear, vinyl top. The vinyl piece will allow moonlight to filter into the enclosure and your guests can get a glimpse of the stars that are dotted across the sky. Use twinkling lights to outline the doorways of the tent. If the tent contains several poles that will be within view while the guests are seated at their tables, drape clear light strands around them.

Use black light bars to complement the light strands and white tablecloths or place settings to cover the tables. When your guests are seated, dim standard lighting that is inside of the tent. All of the partygoers will be greeted with a glowing appearance, which will be easy on the eyes.

Enticing Food and Beverages and Group Activities

The owner of the party tent rental business may offer furniture rentals too. Pick standard tables and chairs for your guests to use and some long banquet tables to display food and beverages. Use star-shaped plates to serve your guests and sprinkle some confetti across each tablecloth. Pick food and beverages that are reminiscent of things that you would discover in our galaxy. Moon or star-shaped cookies and cakes and cosmic beverages that are a distinct color can be served to your guests during dessert.

Work with a caterer to come up with some main food dishes that will be served to the attendees. Choose some unique food names that are reflective of outer space and display the names in front of the trays of food. Display a menu next to the tent's entryway. Once the party is in full swing, invite your guests to take group pictures inside of the tent or head outdoors to use a telescope to view the sky.


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